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Installations refers to a split system that has two major components – a wall mounted indoor unit
with refrigeration pipes that run through the wall and straight down to the condenser unit
positioned directly below – hence the name Back to Back.
Your installation may be a standard Back to Back or you may need extra piping so the unit is
installed in your preferred position. Below is an example of a back to back install.

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• 2.5kw -3.5kw Inverter systems – $580 inc GST
• 5kw – 6kw Inverter system -$680 inc GST
• 7kw – 8kw Inverter system -$720 inc GST
• 9kw- 9.9kw Inverter systems -$780 inc GST


•  Outdoor unit positioned on concrete slab , pvc mounting blocks, or rubber feet.
•  3 meters of refrigeration piping and interconnecting cable.
•   Includes 1 Length duct cover (2.4meters).
•  Please note this does not include meter board upgrade (this can be quoted separately).

Extras that can apply

• New 20amp and 25amp power supply circuit only (up to 15 mtrs) – $158 inc GST
• Electrical run over 15mtrs – $11.00 per mtr inc GST
• Pipe run over 3mtrs – $45 per mtr inc GST
• Disconnection of air conditioning System – $65 inc GST
• Free removal of system if requested.
• Wall Brackets – $55 inc GST
• Roof Brackets – $259 inc GST
• Double brick wall – $50.00 inc GST
• Second storey – $60.00 inc GST
• If during installation a steel beam is encountered where penetration is required, extra costs will incur.
• Condensate pumps will need to be quoted separately.