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How much does it cost to service an air conditioner?

It cost $179 which includes a experienced technician and 1st hour.Good service doesn’t just happen operating a dependable service business requires organisation, competent management and a substantial capital investment.

What warranty is offered if I decide to purchase from Aircon World?

We offer 5 years installation warranty and 5 years manufactures warranty. Once installation is completed you will receive certification of warranty.

What does ‘Reverse Cycle’ mean?

Reverse Cycle refers to a single system that can provide both heating and cooling.
What is an Inverter system?

What is an Inverter system?

Inverter systems have a compressor that can vary its speed, which can be more effective in controlling the temperature. Depending on how the system is used, running costs can also be reduced. Inverter systems are also generally quieter when operating, but they do cost a little more.

What is a fixed speed system?

This is the older type of air conditioner that controls the temperature only by switching the compressor on or off. It cannot vary the speed of the compressor.

What size air conditioning system do I need?

It is important to get the right size. A system that is too small will have to work too hard and too long to reduce the temperature and remove the humidity from the air. A system that is too small will end up costing you more in increased power bills. A correctly sized air conditioning system will bring the temperature down steadily over a period of time and do it more efficiently. The best way to work out the size of system you need is to have Aircon world carry out a Calculated Heatload Estimate on your home, office or building. This takes into account important factors such as room size, exposure to solar load (number of windows, exposure to western sun etc), the level of insulation in walls or ceiling and the building materials used in construction.

Does my air conditioning system require servicing?

Yes. For commercial clients, every 2-3 month is a requirement. For residential customers that use their air conditioning sparingly, once a year is generally enough. Gas charges, electrical connections, electronics and drains are just a few of the checks carried out during a service. Regular checks keep your system clean and healthy.

Can I get an extended warranty?

Aircon World offers our clients an option to extend the installation warranty to 5 years for all systems installed in residential situations. It does not cover every eventuality, but is a worthwhile investment. All you have to do is sign up for a regular annual maintenance program and we will look after the rest.

How can I pay for my air conditioning unit?

Aircon World accepts VISA, MasterCard, eftpos, cheque, cash and direct credit.

Why is my AC not cooling the room?

Possible issues may include:
• Temperature of the aircon thermostat might be set too high
• Windows or doors of the room might be open or not completely closed
• Your remote control might not be set to cooling mode
• Cool air discharge may be hampered due to dirty fancoil
• Compressor may be overheating as a result of a dirty outdoor condenser
• Faulty parts might be causing the unit to not perform optimally
• Refrigerant levels in the system might be low
• The unit might be undersized for the size of room

Why is there water leaking from the aircon?

The indoor fancoil condenses water, and then a drainage pipe discharges that water. You may notice water leakage if the drainage pipe is damaged, clogged or chocked.
What are the risks of not servicing my aircon?
What if I do not choose to undertake regular service of my aircon?

What are the risks of not servicing my aircon?

If not serviced regularly and properly, the aircon’s life can be dramatically shortened, and often the manufacturers/sellers may also void your warranty. You will also experience improper cooling, and run the risk of water leaks due to clogged/blocked drainage systems.
What if I do not choose to undertake regular service of my aircon?

What if I do not choose to undertake regular service of my aircon?

Regularly serviced air-conditions perform at their peak and deliver higher quality air and cooling. When your aircon isn’t maintained at regular intervals:
• You will experience extreme discomfort as the unit will not cool properly
• Your unit might experience frequent breakdowns, which will be costly to repair
• You unit will not perform efficiently, which means it will use more electricity to run, which will add to your
• operational expenses
• The overall life of the unit will decrease dramatically if not maintained/serviced frequently
• Should there be serious damage to your unit due to under or improper servicing, it could void the warranty of the unit
• You could experience water leakage due to clogged and blocked drainage systems
• The indoor quality of the air on your premises will be extremely poor, resulting in less healthier air circulation
Due to all of these reasons, frequent servicing of your aircon is highly recommended.